Embargoed Areas


The following areas are embargoed during 1st November 2013 - 13th June 2015

    • Idanha-a-Nova
    • Idanha-a-Velha
    • Alcafozes
    • Penha Garcia
    • Termas de Monfortinho. 

Old maps in these areas:



The areas are out of bounds for all potential participants and team members, including competitors, team leaders, coaches, doctors, escorts, and any other person who through their knowledge of the terrain may influence the result of the competitions.

The areas of Idanha-a-Nova, Idanha-a-Velha, Alcafozes, Penha Garcia and Termas de Monfortinho are restricted for MTB Orienteering activity.

The exception is for Idanha-a-Nova city centre under certain restrictions: - using a map in the area is forbidden; - cycling or running is forbidden; - testing route choices is forbidden.

For all other terrains the access is forbidden (even only for leisure cycling, as pedestrian or however).



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